Make money blogging with Encatena

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Make money blogging with Encatena

I was recently approached by a member of Encatena and invited to sign up as an editor on their content marketing platform.  I’ve now signed up all of my blogs and I am eagerly awaiting some paid orders from their website.  Before that happens though, I am here today to introduce you to this blogging platform so you can sign up and get your blog out there too.

If you’re blogging for money then I think it’s important to sign up to as many paid blogging networks as possible.  The more you are signed up to, the more chance you will be found by brands, SEO agencies and PR companies to work on collaborative posts and make money from your blog.

Some networks I’ve been signed up to for ages and never got a paid blog post, but others I get regular work from.  It’s hit and miss with each network, and it probably depends on how competitive your fees are, but like I said, I think it’s important to sign up to all of them and to be as visible as possible.  Especially if you depend on your blog for your livelihood.

As a blogger it’s a place to register your blog in the hope of receiving sponsored blog post orders.  Read on to learn more about how to make money blogging with Encatena.

Make money blogging with Encatena

How do I register as a blogger on Encatena?

Click here to register your blog with the Encatena content marketing platform.

Different websites call bloggers and website owners different names from online publisher, to content creator to editor.  On Encatena we are referred to as editors, so you will need to select ‘register editor’ at the top of the website to sign up:

make money blogging with encantena 

Then complete the quick form to begin the registration process:

make money blogging with encantena register as editor

You’ll receive an email to verify your email address and then you can add your blogs to their system.

Go to your dashboard and click ‘Digital Media’ on the left hand side.  Then click ‘Add New Digital Media’ on the right hand side to add your blogs:

make money blogging with encantena register

You can add all your blogs to the same dashboard, so you don’t need to register as an editor separately for each one.

The form is very quick to complete and asks for a short description of the blog, three categories, how long it takes to write a blog post, whether you accept follow links, the main country of your readership and if you mark blog posts as sponsored.

Once you have added all the details you need to verify your blog.  There are several ways to do this from authorising Google Analytics to uploading a file to your root directory or emailing their verification team from your domain email address.

My first blog was verified the same day via the Google Analytics verification. 

I’ve only just added my other three blogs using the email verification method, so I hope they will be verified quickly too.

And that’s it!  It’s a really quick and easy content marketing platform to sign up to.  I sometimes dread adding my blogs to new ones as the process can be so long and tedious, especially with having to add four separate blogs I manage, but this was nice and straightforward.

make money blogging with encantena

Encatena referral programme

Another great bonus which many of the blogging networks have, is a referral programme or affiliate scheme.  Once you’ve signed up, you can grab your affiliate link to share from the ‘Affiliation’ tab and you’ll make 10% of sales from any editor or advertiser you sign up.

This means you have two ways to make money from Encatena as a blogger!


I hope you have found this blog post helpful and that you get lots of paid blog work should you sign up to Encatena :)


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