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6 enrichment activities for care home residents

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It is estimated that just over 418,000 individuals reside in care homes throughout the United Kingdom. While these settings are certainly beneficial in regard to physical needs, we must also remember that enrichment activities can vastly improve their quality of life.  The goal of these activities is to keep the residents active, engaged, and stimulated. With these activities, they are able to develop new skills and have fun at the same time!  It is important to have a well-rounded life, and this is equally true for care home residents.

6 enrichment activities for care home residents

Some residences include these types of activities within their standard pricing plan. It is a good idea to examine your options if you are looking for a care home for a loved one and to research the types of retirement activities included.  No one wants to be stuck inside all day long with nothing to entertain them, no matter what their physical ability!  It's important to know what is provided to stop being bored and stay engaged and at least mentally active each day.  You can learn more about the cost of nursing home here in order to better appreciate the big picture and what is involved.  Let’s now take a look at six recommendations for activities that can enrich care home residents' wellbeing.

Arts and crafts classes

Arts and crafts are excellent ways to stimulate the mind and to improve manual dexterity. Of course, these very same classes can be used to encourage a sense of creativity; a crucial concern for patients within care homes.

It is important to note that the arts and crafts activities should be tailored to the abilities of the resident. For example, some people might not be able to hold a paintbrush, but they can still enjoy painting with their fingers.

Some of the benefits of arts and crafts activities in care homes include:

- Providing a sense of purpose and achievement

- Boosting self-confidence

- Improving cognitive performance

- Reducing stress levels

- Increasing social interaction

Outdoor excursions

Outdoor excursions are an important part of a care home resident’s life. They provide a chance for the residents to get some fresh air, exercise and socialise with other people, preventing elderly loneliness. It is also a good opportunity for them to take their minds off their troubles and worries, as well as provide a sense of freedom and independence.

Allowing residents to enjoy the great outdoors should always be possible if the weather permits. A breath of fresh air can work wonders and it will often cause individuals to feel more alert and invigorated.

Board and card games

Classic table games have always been a popular activity within care home settings. There are lots of fun games to play in a care home setting to stop being bored and enjoy time alone or with others.  These keep the mind occupied and they allow patients to socialise with one another in a fun environment. From solitaire and poker to chess and backgammon, there are so many options to choose from. 

They are also an excellent way to stimulate the brain and improve cognitive skills, such as memory and attention span.

There is no age limit when it comes to playing board games, online word games or card games. Board games are a great way to get families together for some quality bonding time, which is important for care home residents who may not see their relatives often.

Card games can be played anywhere and at any time, which makes them easy for care home residents to enjoy on their own or with others in the facility.

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A night at the cinema

In-house movie nights are great ways to spend an evening and the majority of patients will become keen to get involved. It's also a much cheaper cinema experience!  Modern films, as well as classic cinema, are both options to consider. Patients can likewise vote on a certain movie from a list of different possibilities.

Dance classes

Dancing is a great way to stay active, socialise with others, and have fun. Care home residents who dance regularly are more likely to be happier and have a better quality of life.

Care home residents who are more active are less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety. They also sleep better at night and have a higher quality of life in general.

Dancing can help people cope with dementia or other mental illnesses that make it difficult for them to communicate. It provides a safe way for them to express themselves without being judged.

Exercise is an important concern within any care facility. Of course, some residents will naturally have more mobility than others. Those who are able to dance should be encouraged to take participate in such activities. 

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Reminiscence workshops

As this article highlights, another interesting option involves "reminiscence nights". These gatherings are intended to allow residents to recall their past and to share memories with one another. Not only will this help individuals retain their long-term memory, but such nostalgia can often lead to overall feelings of positivity

Final word

There are many ways to make life more interesting for the people living in a care home. Give their curiosity a boost and get them to do things they would not usually do.  These are only a few examples of the numerous enrichment activities which can take place within a care home. There are many more and it’s a great idea to ask the care residents themselves for the types of activities they would enjoy!


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