Mustard car insurance comparison promises to beat your cheapest online quote

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Mustard car insurance comparison promises to beat your cheapest online quot

I love saving money on my car insurance.  Ben, my husband, does too.  We never let our insurance automatically renew and always look for a better deal each year.

Ben recently changed his car insurance, after finding a better deal, and I’m gutted I didn’t know about at the time as we could have beaten his cheapest quote! 

Mustard have a ‘Cheapest Price Guarantee’ where they promise to beat any online quote you receive, providing it’s a basic annual quote. 

That’s what I always go for, so by the sounds of things they promise to beat any quote I find online in the future.

If you want the cheapest car insurance then read on to discover more benefits about Mustard Car Insurance.

Mustard Car Insurance Comparison Promises to Beat Your Cheapest Online Quot


Mustard Car Insurance Promise to Beat Your Cheapest Online Quote

Some more good points about Mustard Car Insurance:

  • You can get a quote over the phone.  If you’d rather call them, or you’re not sure about your answer, then speak to a real human being.
  • As you can talk to them for real, you can get a quote tailored exactly to your needs.
  • They are independent and want to help motorists to save money.  They can do this by guaranteeing to beat any other basic annual online quote you receive.

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Never let your existing car insurance policy automatically renew

I usually change car insurance company every single year as I always find a better deal.  If you leave your existing policy to renew then you're probably paying more than you need to.

Last year I was impressed with myself for making a big saving on my car insurance which you can read here:  Today I saved BIG on my car insurance and MOT. Here’s how…

Did you know you can also receive a couple of pounds just for comparing insurance quotes?  If you search on Top Cashback for ‘car insurance’ sometimes a comparison site will come up giving you cashback simply for doing a quote. 

How amazing is that?

You don’t even need to purchase a policy, but simply search for a quote comparison.

It’s restricted to three searches a year so the cashback incentive is not abused.  We used it three times for each of our cars and to check insurance for a potential purchase.

There’s definitely money to be made and money to be saved when choosing new car insurance.  

Make sure you learn some of the savvy techniques of how to save on your car insurance by checking out my blog post 3 tips to save money on your car insurance.

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Mustard Car Insurance Comparison Promises to Beat Your Cheapest Online Quot