How to prepare for a family road trip

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How to prepare for a family road trip

How to prepare for a family road trip with kids

Not only are road trips a great way to save money when travelling, compared to flying - especially when you’re bringing the whole family along on the trip, but they’re far less stressful than standing in lines at airports and then being crushed into tiny seats, for hours with kids who are perfectly happy to be more than vocal about the fact that they’re uncomfortable and annoyed!

The other great thing about road trips is that they’re seriously fun when done the right way and a great adventure for children.

So if you’ve been considering going on a road trip for your next family trip, or you simply have a long car journey ahead of you and would like to make a small holiday out of it, then in this post there are some top tips for how to prepare for a family road trip, so you can enjoy it as much as possible.

How to prepare for a family road trip

Plan your route

There’s often more than one way to get to the same place, so choosing your route is the first step to making sure the trip goes as smoothly and stress free as possible. Choosing your route isn’t just about planning the best and quickest way to get there, although that’s definitely part of it, but it’s also about planning for some things to do and see along the way. For example, maybe there’s a lovely town or city on the way to the place you’re going that you’ve always wanted to visit, so maybe now would be the perfect time to make a stop there since you’re passing through.   You may also want to consider toilet stops if you have a long journey.  Though the motorway might be the most direct route, you could opt for an alternative route with plenty of countryside views that become a part of the journey.

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Arrange a vehicle

Depending on how far you’re travelling, you may want to go in your own car, or you may be considering hiring something a little bigger that could make it more comfortable for everyone on a longer journey - especially the kids. Whether you want to hire a people carrier, or even a full-blown RV that has a lot of the home comforts you’re used to, you can find many options online for these like party buses from Limo Find which have ample space for even the largest of families. Of course, no matter which rental company you go with, you should make sure they’re reputable and well known, and that they have all their paperwork, safety checks, and things like a solid traders policy in place.

Check out this blog post before you hire a car: Tips to save money on car rental for a road trip

Bring plenty of supplies

As an adult, it’s a lot easier to keep occupied on a longer road trip since you’re generally going to be happy enjoying the view and playing some good music, but children are going to need a bit more.  If you don’t want to be taking the brunt of their boredom, then bringing things like snacks, games, and even movies for them to watch will just make everyone’s time more enjoyable.

Make sure you check out these tips: 3 ways to keep your kids entertained on a family road trip

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Bring a good camera

If you’re planning to make some stops along the way, then a good camera will definitely come in handy so that you can make some nice family photos and memories together of your fun road trip that you can look back on in years to come.  Luckily most of us have a great camera on our smartphones, so just remember to charge it up fully before you leave and that you have enough space to take lots of snaps.

Ensure the car is safe

Always make sure the car is maintained before setting off on a road trip.  There are several checks you can do yourself such as fluids, wiper blades, tyres and lights which I guide you through in this blog post: 5 important car checks before your next family road trip

Read these for even more safety tips:


Best of all, take care, have fun and enjoy your road trip!


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