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Home, side hustle & blog income reports November 2019

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Important income report announcement!

I have decided to stop doing a monthly income report as they are getting a bit samey and are very time consuming!  From 2020 I will do a mega annual income report instead.  The first will be in January 2020 for the whole of 2019 and then yearly after this.  I will still share all my money making methods on my blog, so keep an eye on my top categories and main blog page for new posts.  I also regularly share on Twitter and Pinterest so follow me there.  Check my Instagram for more family related stuff!  Get ready for a mega annual blogging and side hustle income report in 2020.

Welcome to my November 2019 home, side hustle and blog income report

This is where you will see my exact turnover from all my money making activities for last month.  I am a full-time self-employed blogger and I also do lots of side hustles from website testing to completing academic research questionnaires.  I love to get cash back on my purchases and sell our preloved goods online.  I share every single penny I have made or vouchers I have gained in this blog post.

I have three blogs so I will share my travel blog income report, my healthy lifestyle blog income report and my personal finance blog income report.

I won't go into detail in this blog post about how I make all this money and the methods, but I will leave links to articles and resources where you can find out more.  All of these methods can easily be done by anyone!  I've managed to do this with two children and a lot of hard work and dedication.  It's totally possible for anyone to use all these methods to make money from home in the UK or to source extra cash when needed.

November 2019 was a particularly good month for my online home earnings.  Being self-employed my income does fluctuate month to month.  This was a very high month for me and thankfully followed a very high October.  My husband went self-employed in August and is still establishing himself, so his earnings are a fraction of what we were used to.  Thankfully I've had a couple of really busy months to make up for this loss in income and so we've stayed on track.  Phew!  It's pretty scary when we're both self-employed and whilst he gets his businesses started I need to make as much as possible!  No pressure!

To understand more about why I share my income reports online then click to read my blog post why I publish income reports

If you want to learn more about how I came to be a full-time blogger, after starting my online business journey with an Etsy store, then click to read the story of Lylia Rose

Otherwise, let's see how much money I made from home and online in November 2019 below!

Home, side hustle & blog income reports: how I made £3673.25 working at home in the UK

This is the place to see exactly how much money I make from my blogs and other online money making activities in the UK.  I share an online income report every month.  It's somewhere for me to see how things are going with my self employment and to hopefully teach others the various ways to make money at home.  If it wasn't for other bloggers posting their own income reports online then I may never have realised there were legit ways to make money from home.  Now I've managed to turn my online side hustles into a full time job since January 2017.  It's been almost three years and I've managed to make a full-time living every month since taking that leap.

Of course I had built things up for a long while before this.  I didn't just start making a full-time living right away.  I had blogged since 2013 without even realising there were ways of making it into a career choice.  In spring 2016 I accepted my first paid blog work and I've never looked back!  I then began to find other ways of making money from home to top up my income and give some variety to my day.

Here I share all the income I’ve made at home, no matter where it’s from.  Some is from my self-employment and some is from personal online selling of our pre-loved goods.

There are so many ways to make extra cash for free from home.  I love to try as many as possible and share them on my UK money blog.

Bookmark my make money at home page to see the newest money-making methods I have tried.

This blog post shares my total turnover for the month, before deductions.  My average business expenses, tax, national insurance, pension and student loan payments were £830 per month for the last tax year.

A popular blog post that covers all my money-making ways for the last tax year is how I made £32000 from home in 2018/2019

Thanks for following my journey. 

Enjoy :)   

 November 2019 income report

Blog income reports 2019

Blog writing £2,871.61

This is my main passion and most lucrative way of making money from home.  I won’t go into how to do it here, but I do share this information regularly on my blog.  You can find lots articles in the blogging sections in my top menu.  Here are some quick shortcuts:

In November I mainly wrote three blogs.  I used to write four, but one was on my husband's website and I have now handed it back to him!  This gives me time to concentrate fully on my own websites and he now has a good head start on his.

I pretty much have two pricing structures.  A new blog post or an edit to an existing blog post.  A new blog post could include a sponsored blog post, brand collaboration, product review or hosting a giveaway.  These are all one price and I always charge for my time and resources.

It really bugs me when digital companies approach me to work for them to increase rankings or visibility for their client, yet they don’t want to pay me.  It’s my services that are helping to get them the results for their client and they are paid, so they should pay me. 

I see it every day - bloggers being asked to work for free and it’s so frustrating.  I also get several requests per day myself!  I’ve spent over seven years working hard on my blogs and business, working up to seven days per week, working past midnight, constantly learning and growing, constantly increasing my metrics… I shouldn’t give all that effort away for free, or be expected to.

I value my time and the years of effort I’ve put into my brand.  And if you are a blogger reading this, you should too.


Here’s what I made from each blog in November:

  • Lylia Rose - £2,148.61

  • Healthy Vix - £478.00

  • Wood Create - £30.00

  • Travel Vixta - £215.00

Wood Create is usually a lot higher, but I gave this blog back to Ben and I won't be blogging there anymore as I'm concentrating on my own blogs now.

awin affiliate signup

Lylia Rose is DA37 and gets the most work, mostly because of its high DA.  My other blogs have DA scores of 22 and 28 and so they get a little work each month.  My aim is to get them all into the 30s and if you want lots of paid blog work with companies that rely on DA scores then getting into DA30 should be your aim.

Of course a lot of companies use other metrics such as DR, TF, CF, SEMrush traffic and all sorts to decide whether to work with a blog or not, so it’s important to try to build them all up.  It takes time, years in my experience, but it’s definitely worth it if you have the passion to blog for a living.  

I’m by no means technical and a lot of the SEO and rankings that I mention above are complicated!  There’s a lot of information online though and plenty of bloggers that write about their own experiences so you can always find tips easily online. 

It’s very overwhelming if you’re a beginner, but just take it one step at a time, and most importantly, expect it to take time.  Everyone in the blogging and digital world is always learning new things every day.  Success in any type of business doesn't happen overnight.  My newest travel blog is one year old and as you can see I now make £200 per month from it.  Healthy Vix is two years old and Lylia Rose is almost seven years old.

Just learn as much as you can each day, implement what you have time to do each day and never stop learning!

Read these for lots of blogging advice:

awin affiliate signup


Tweets £50.00

I don't often do anything paid on my social media accounts as I mainly use them to promote my blog posts, but I did do a paid tweet in November.

Related blog posts:

Tips to run a successful Twitter giveaway

How I got lots of followers on Twitter


Personal eBay £279.74

A large amount because we purchased new sofas for our living room, so we've sold one of our old sofas.  This money went towards the cost of our new sofas.  We got a great price for our old sofa too, considering we'd had it five years and got a lot of value out of it.  I'm sure it's close to what we paid as we got it from an outlet.

I sell our old good quality belongings on eBay and Facebook every month.  We also donate some to charity.

Here are my eBay sales this month:

  • £27.00   ladies heels
  • £4.75     kids jumper
  • £4.00     ladies shorts
  • £8.00     elephant wall hanging
  • £230      old sofa
  • £2.49     cd
  • £3.50     greetings cards

Pick My Postcode


Facebook Marketplace £135.00

Continuing with our clear out of the attic which is nearly empty, though I reckon Ben could get rid of a few more things!  I just want to be at the point where we only have what we use and need.  If it's been in the attic for 10 years then we clearly don't need it, huh Ben?! :)

We also sold our Christmas tree from last year because Ben made us a larger dining table and we don't have room for the old tree!  I used the funds to buy a lovely slim Christmas tree instead that fits perfectly and will hopefully last us many years.

Here are my Facebook Marketplace sales:

  • £10.00   garden planter box
  • £10.00   garden planter box
  • £10.00   CDs
  • £5.00     scarves
  • £50.00   juicer
  • £10.00   printer
  • £40.00   Christmas tree

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Top Cashback £2.98

We love Top Cashback and check it before buying or booking anything online to see if we can get cashback by using their link to go to the website instead.  I also have a browser notifier that lets me know if a website I'm viewing offers cashback.

Sign up by clicking here!

Learn more: Top Cashback UK review: £1266 free cash back in 3.5 years


Top Cashback referrals £7.50

You can also make money by referring your friends and family to Top Cashback!  Sign up here!



Curve Referrals £10.00

Curve is a Mastercard that links to all your bank cards so you can manage all your bank cards in one place.  It saves the hassle of carrying a bunch of cards around with you.  You simply carry the Curve card and choose which of your own cards you want to pay with using their app.  It doesn't cost anything for the basic plan. 

You get cashback at your three chosen retailers for the first three months and then you can make £5 every time you refer anyone (they get £5 too!)

Get £5 free cash if you sign up to Curve with code FL2KH at

(The free £5 is applied after you've used the Curve card at least once - this is at no cost to you as you link it to your existing cards and are really paying with these!)

Read more here if you want to understand how it works: Get free cash with Curve

Curve promo code


Shopmium (cashback) £8.30

Shopmium is also a supermarket cashback app.  They currently have grocery coupons for Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Boots.  If you sign up by clicking my Shopmium referral link then you can currently get a free tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

Learn more about Shopmium in this blog post: How to save money at the supermarket with Shopmium


Intellizoom £15.81

I get paid $5 or $8 per test with Intellizoom.  It's a platform that offers website testing, surveys and online tasks for payment.

Read more here: Make money online with IntelliZoom


Shoppix (cashback) £5.00

Collect tokens by uploading photos of your receipts and exchange them for PayPal cash.

Shoppix freebie!  If you enter 52YFMN8U when you download the Shoppix app, we should both get 200 tokens when you snap a valid receipt and complete the profile survey!  I say should as the refer a friend says it's closed on my app for the time being, but I know my code has still been working!

free money offers in the UK


Green Jinn (cashback) £2.85

GreenJinn is a smartphone app which has digital coupons for Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Boots, Superdrug and Ocado.  The coupons are refreshed every Monday and  you'll find food, toiletries and cleaning products.  Find a coupon you want to use, take a photo of your receipt on the app once you've bought the item and within a day or so you'll get cashback.  You can cash out to your PayPal account as soon as you reach £1.50.


Profit Accumulator referrals £164.23

This is from referring people to Profit Accumulator who I highly recommend for matched betting.  I used them for 26 months and made over £5600 in profit in my spare time.  Some people make this much in a couple of months!

You don’t need to understand how it all works as they have step-by-step guides that show you exactly what to do, even without any betting or sports knowledge.  Believe me, I have no knowledge of either of those things!

They have a great referral scheme too, so if you love matched betting then you can make even more money by referring your friends and family.

Learn more: How to make money matched betting

Outplayed Matched Betting



Awin affiliate marketing £25.34

Awin is an affiliate marketing platform where online publishers/bloggers can have access to thousands of well-known brands affiliate programmes.

They also have a marketplace where you can list all your services such as blog posts, giveaways and social shares.  I’ve secured a few sponsored blog posts from their marketplace.

Another bonus is you can join their own affiliate programme and you'll get £30 per person you refer to Awin .

It costs £5 to join Awin, but you'll get that back in your first payment.  The payment threshold is only £20 and they pay this directly to your bank once you reach £20 of approved commissions, combined from all the retailers.



Prolific Academic £5.40

I complete studies online at Prolific to help academics with their research.  Some are random games or challenges.  It's not like boring survey websites!  It’s anything from a few random questions, to concentration tests, to views on food packaging!

Learn more: Make money at home with Prolific



User Testing £15.10

User Testing is another great place to do website testing.  There are loads of tests every day, but it depends on your availability and demographics to which you are able to complete.

Learn more: Make money online testing websites and apps with UserTesting


SnapMyEats (cashback - Amazon vouchers) £5.00

I spend a lot of time snapping my receipts!! I have five receipt snapping apps that reward me for my receipts at the moment, as well as six cashback apps!  SnapMyEats is a smart phone app that rewards you with Amazon vouchers for taking photos of your food and drink receipts.

You can get a maximum of £5 in vouchers for snapping 15 food and drink receipts in one month.  Sometimes they offer bonuses too.

I take the first 15 photos and then Ben has the app too and he takes the next 15.  This means we both get £5 each in Amazon vouchers each month, so £10 in total in our household.  You can't take photos of the same receipts, so if more of you have the app in your household then make sure you aren't snapping the same receipt twice.

Learn more in my full SnapMyEats blog post here: SnapMyEats review – earn Amazon gift cards with your food receipts

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Huyu (cashback - Tesco vouchers) £5.00

I get a cashout around once every two months for snapping my supermarket receipts.  They only offer gift cards and not cash.  You can choose from several different retailers.

Learn more: HuYu– earn gift cards with your supermarket receipts



Swagbucks £5.00

I make money from Swagbucks by searching the web!  Click here to learn how to make cash by searching the web as you normally do!



YouGov £50.00

Finally!  I have cashed out £50 from YouGov!  It's polls that are regularly used in media.

Learn more here: Make extra money online with YouGov


ZIPZERO (1% cashback towards bills) £9.39

ZIPZERO is a new app I have been trying out.  It's a receipt scanning app, but with a twist.  You add the bank details of your household bills and the money you earn can go towards reducing your monthly bills.  I have managed to add Severn Trent and Virgin Media.  You get 1% cashback on every receipt you scan.  Once you have £1 available then you can use it towards your bills. 

Learn more here: ZIPZERO app review




Blog income reports 2019






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