Why SLS is bad for you so I'm giving up Soap and Glory

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This was meant to be a Soap and Glory review.  But I've decided to give up Soap and Glory products already.  

I am sad to be saying goodbye to Soap and Glory products so soon.  I only started trying them a few months back and had been really impressed.

The scents are amazing, the products last forever and the results are fantastic.  So why would I be giving them up?

Why SLS is bad for you so I'm giving up Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory contains SLS  *Insert sad face*

It’s to do with my increasing quest to use more natural based beauty products and stop using those containing potentially harmful chemicals.

I’ve cut out parabens over the past year or so by reading every single ingredients list for the products I use/want.  Sometimes I have to research this online as the products are too small to list the ingredients. I recently discovered my favourite Rimmel concealer contained a whole parade of them whilst researching the ingredients online so immediately stopped using it.

Well, Soap and Glory bath products don’t contain parabens as far as I am aware, but the items I started to try do contain something called SLS.  This stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and is also very similar to Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES).

What is SLS?

I've noticed a lot of natural and handmade beauty products state they do not contain SLS so I did a little research to see why.

Why would all these natural beauty products state they didn't include SLS?  What is this SLS they speak of?

SLS is a surfactant and foam booster that is used to make detergents and personal care products like shampoo and toothpaste foam better and cleaner.

'According to the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, SLS is a "moderate hazard" that has been linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption.

(Source - www.livestrong.com) 

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So why would anyone put harmful ingredient SLS in shampoo or shower gel? 

Well, it's a detergent that makes them foam.  Due to its foaming properties, it has been used for over 100 years. However, the chemical has been shown to be harmful for both human skin cells and animals. 

If you’re like me then you may well love a good foamy shower gel or shampoo, but the ingredient that makes it foam up could actually be a total hazard!

SLS is also used in engine degreasing, garage floor cleaner and car wash soaps. 

It is corrosive.

I’m not sure I want to rub this all over myself, not matter how small the amount!

Whilst the chemical does make these products work better, unfortunately it can also cause irritation or even permanent damage to the skin.  Exposure to SLS can lead to skin irritation, dryness, cracking, chapping, inflammation and rash in some people.

In addition it may also be a potential carcinogen due to its ability to lead to cell mutations when combined with other carcinogenic compounds.

Be wise to the ingredients in your beauty products!

This was intended to be a blog post of me raving about how awesome I thought these Soap and Glory products were, until I became wise to the dangers of SLS and so read the ingredients.

I will not repurchase these because of this.  I have seen their Glad Hair Day does not contain SLS and this is clearly stated.  Hopefully they will be removing it from all of their products ASAP and other mainstream brands will follow.

For now I will be buying from smaller handmade companies who use natural ingredients.

Don't forget that all these nasty ingredients are not only bad for us, but they end up in the environment where they must be causing so much damage to the planet, polluting our water and soils and harming wildlife too.

I feel a natural revolution coming on!


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