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Redecorating your home while on a budget

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It goes without saying, but the last year has been an awfully challenging one for most people. A record number of people made redundant, and with thousands more placed on furlough from their usual jobs, it appears somewhat apparent that a lot of people are tightening their belts and budgeting more as we move forward.  

However, at the same time, having spent more time than ever indoors and in our homes, there is no surprise that a lot of people spent their time in lockdown renovating and redecorating their homes. Whether on a budget or not, we can see how this is an ideal way of spending some of the masses of time that we had on our hands. 

With this in mind, if you are someone who is yet to catch the redecorating bug but are in the process of considering it, you have found yourself in the right place. Detailed below are some of our top tips on how to redecorate your home while on a budget.   

First steps

It seems glaringly obvious to some people, but we felt it was worth mentioning all the same. The first steps of redecorating your home must include knowing what funds you have to play around with. The last thing you want is to start on your project, get halfway, and find that you do not have the money to fund your idea.  

Making a budget before launching headfirst into your project will leave you with a better idea of what you have, as well as what the funds will be split between. None more so than if you are choosing to redecorate your home completely; think of the cost of new or second-hand furniture, as well as resources for repainting or putting new wallpaper on the walls.  

One thing that should be remembered is that you do not necessarily have to use up your entire budget when completing a project such as this. Let's be honest; there is nothing nicer than having a little bit of money left over at the end of something! The same can be applied here, so don’t feel obliged to use up every single penny if you do not wish to.  

Once you know what money you have behind you for your project, nothing is there to stop you! The challenging part is not out the way yet, though. Choosing between furniture items and other decorative pieces can be tricky, but we have just the solutions for you. Keep reading to find out what precisely those are.  

Common things to consider for each room

It can be easy to decide on just the paint for a particular room, but other components of a room should be considered when factoring in the colour scheme or prints you are selecting. This can include such things as the lighting and whether you are going to have blinds or curtains. It can certainly be overwhelming when deciding what to go with.  

Specifically, when considering the curtain and blind types offered by various providers, it can seem like a bit of a minefield. None more so than if you are unsure what would look good in the room you are redecorating or what would be cost-effective.  

Make My Blinds have created a helpful guide detailing all of this information and more, to assist budding interior designers such as yourself with a situation like this. Check out the guide for more, and feel confident that the choice you are making is the right one!  

Other aspects of the rooms

The same concept can be applied when deciding on the flooring of a room too. Even if you are not redoing your home's floors, other things could be considered, like the use of a mat to retain heat and other such things.  

Not to mention, what type of mat do you choose, and what colour do you select? These are sure to be questions that pop into your head at some point in this process, and that is okay! We have been there too.  

Once you have decided on how you will be redecorating the walls and flooring of the room, nothing stops you from considering the furniture that you would like in the room. Will you be keeping existing pieces of furniture or upcycling them in any way?  

Will you opt to save some money on other elements of redecorating to treat yourself to a new item of furniture? The choice is ultimately yours. This is your space to decorate and feel comfortable in, so whatever is appealing to you and your tastes is sure to be the best decision.  

We hope that this list of items has been helpful when guiding you through things to consider when redecorating your home on a budget. From big rooms to small, we are confident that you will be relaxing in a freshly painted room in no time.  

Loads of resources to help you

Here are loads of resources to help you with your redecroation journey and decision making:

Best of luck with your redecorating project!


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