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Braces at 30 – A Pre Teeth Out Dentist Appointment…!

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braces at 30 - my experience - a pre teeth out dentist appointmentSomething I definitely won't be eating after paying so much for prefect teeth! (source)

Braces at 30 – A Pre Teeth Out Dentist Appointment…!

Yesterday I went to the dentist so she could look at my teeth (again) and make sure I just needed a normal length appointment (20 mins) for taking my two baby canine teeth out.  Luckily I do, so it sounds quick and easy!  I think it was more the receptionist thinking it wouldn't be long enough.  

The receptionist also seemed concerned I was only having the teeth out three days before the top brace went on.  I was certain it would be fine as they're little teeth with short roots and the orthodontist had suggested only 3-4 days.  The dentist didn't seem concerned about this short time frame either, phew! I really didn't want to be walking around any longer with two teeth obviously missing and no brace on show, so this was a relief.

The orthodontist also wanted confirmation from my dentist of the size gap to create for my false lateral incisor.  Lateral incisors are a little smaller then the incisors.  My incisors are 8.5mm, so the dentist thinks 6.5mm for my lateral incisors.  I was surprised my peg tooth is 5.5mm as it looks tiny to me, but perhaps when in place and not overlapping teeth it will look different.  I felt a little relieved that I'll only have a 0.5mm gap either side of the peg tooth once it's in place which doesn't sound too huge. So it's just the 6.5mm tooth sized gap on the other side I'll be conscious of for the duration of the brace!

I’m really keen to get going with the treatment now.  Only 7 weeks to go!