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Braces at 30 - Day 2

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Braces at 30 – Day 2 - My adult fixed appliances experience on the Lylia Rose lifestyle blog

My X-Ray!

Braces at 30 – Day 2

I’ve now had my brace on for 32 hours and this is my second day.

This morning went well.  I had a homemade smoothie for breakfast and a green tea.  So no chewing involved.  My teeth felt fine.  The pressure is still there and if I bite my teeth together, not necessarily hard, it feels like my top teeth sink into the jaw slightly and takes a second or so to release.  It’s still quite a satisfying feeling.

I found cleaning them just fine last night and repeated the process this morning.  I brushed for around a minute longer than usual to ensure I clean the entire brace.  I also used an interdental brush to clean the vertical sides of the brace on each tooth.  After breakfast I swilled with mouthwash.  The cleaning process takes a little longer and I take a good look to check I’ve been thorough.  It’s simple though and worth it for great teeth.

I’ve been keeping mirrors handy around the house, but nothing has really got stuck in them yet.  Although I’ve not had anything too challenging!  I bet the first time I eat out I’ll be looking in a pocket mirror every two seconds!

At lunch time today I had a shock!

I was cutting some circle cucumber slices for Bella and thought I’d eat the first piece. OWEEEE!  As soon as I bit down my back teeth realllllllly hurt and I couldn’t keep doing it!  It was so weird, as when my mouth was relaxed my teeth didn’t hurt at all, but as soon as the back teeth on the left touched, even just a little, they really hurt.  Kind of like if you bite down on something really hard like a stone unexpectedly, it shocks you and your teeth have a sort of painful unpleasant feeling.  It’s exactly the same sensation.  I actually had to give up on eating the slither of cucumber as it was quite intense!

I did manage to eat my final portion of vegetable pie.  The same stuff I ate yesterday, just soft veg in tomato sauce with sweet potato mash; all mushy and very easy to chew.  It still felt weird and a bit painful, so it took me forever to eat.

We’d normally have ‘treat Friday’ and cook an oven pizza when Ben gets back from work, but there was no way I’d be able to manage eating one, so it was soup for me instead.  I normally scoff my meals way quicker than Ben, but I was still slowly eating my soup in teaspoon sized mouthfuls after he’d finished and cleaned up.  He said I looked like I was eating very cautiously!  It was only a lentil and vegetable soup, but it was quite a challenge.  I treated myself to natural yoghurt with desiccated coconut afterwards and this was much easier to consume, so I’ll be stocking up.

I think perhaps the pain and pressure might have to get worse before it gets better.

I’m also going to put some wax on a couple of teeth after typing this.  On the right hand side my cheek keeps catching the brace.  It’s not sore yet, but it tastes and feels like when I’ve been biting my lips lots if nervous!  If it keeps rubbing and catching then it will get sore, so I’m hoping to nip it in the bud and let it heal before this happens.

I’ve been really surprised at my confidence with the brace on.  I was super worried before this week that I’d lose any confidence I had and want to hide away.  I’ve been to the shop today and even stayed for a meeting and to lend a hand at Bella’s playschool today, whilst chatting to lots of staff and mums. I’ve felt totally fine talking to people and smiling which is great.  I had been worried that I’d want the ground to swallow me up and I’d go beetroot red in such situations.  I’m so pleased I’ve felt so comfortable with it.  I think I’d have been super embarrassed if I’d done this as a teenager, so perhaps now was the right age for me to do it.

Overall, so far so good.  I was expecting pain and not being able to eat anything, so it’s fab I can still manage something.  Even if it is only soup and yoghurt!


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