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Braces at 30 - One Week In

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breakfast day 4 wearing adult braces - my orthodontic journey blogged at ly
Breakfast Day 4 - 3 fried eggs & a cacao/banana smoothie!  Yum!

Braces at 30 - One Week In

I can’t believe a whole week has flown by and I’m now a fully-fledged adult brace wearer.  Well, kind of!

I feel more used to the brace in my mouth and my top lip seems to be making room for it.  I had quite a sore on the inside of my right cheek, but this has healed.  It was super sore for around three days, but then seemed to heal overnight.  I could have probably stopped this if I’d worn the wax a bit more.  I wore it twice and both times forgot about it and accidently started chewing it with food.  Yuck!  So I was a bit lazy about putting any more on.

The only thing I can’t get used to is eating.  To be honest, I’m not sure if I will get used to it.  It doesn’t hurt now, but the sensation is just so strange.  I tried to bite into a really soft plum and it just grosses me out how I can feel the food going all over the brace.  So I ate said plum with a knife and spoon!

I was told to avoid hard foods like raw carrot, crusty bread and apple.  Also to not bite my nails.  But I’m finding lots of things difficult, like soft toast, sandwiches, cucumber.  Anything that requires a bit of chewing or effort to eat is a no-no.  Or anything that feels like it’s going all over the brace.

I can’t eat anything I need to bite into with my front teeth, because it feels so unpleasant.  So I’m only eating foods I can cut up with a knife and fork and eat on my back teeth.  To see an example of my day’s mushy food click here!

Chunks of food are also very attracted to my two toothless gaps and get stuck between the gaps and wire.  I find it quite humorous, but it also makes eating more disgusting!

I’ve not yet noticed any movement, but it’s only been one week.  I have been told there can be significant movement within a few weeks though, so this is rather exciting!  I did think my peg tooth had moved back slightly, but Ben doesn’t think so.  The most noticeable difference will be when my twisted tooth moves as it’s virtually sideways!

All in all, good so far.  I thought the teeth would be more painful, but the pressure I did feel was totally bearable and weirdly even pleasurable.  The pain when I was eating on one side only lasted for a few days and now has totally gone.  Again it was only when I was eating and not felt otherwise.

If you’re considering braces I’d recommend it based on my teeny experience so far.  I was so worried before I had them, but it’s been just fine.