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Braces at 30 – Day 3

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braces at 30 - day 3 - my adult experience blogged

Braces at 30 – Day 3

I just want to jot down a few thoughts of my third day with my top brace:

  • Spitting is difficult.  Not usually an issue as I don’t walk around spitting(!), but a bit tricky when brushing teeth.  Who would have thought this would have been more difficult?  We must use our top teeth or top lip more than we think to perform this action!
  • Must remember to remove wax before eating.  Oh yes, I forgot I put three bits of wax on and tried to eat a cheeky piece of cheese.  Not so nice with a blob of wax!
  • Avoid solid food at all costs!  I braved it and added tiny pieces of tomato and onion to my omelette today.  It made it way trickier to eat and so not as enjoyable.  Plain omelettes it is!
  • Food today has been two homemade smoothies, soup, yoghurt and an omelette.  You get the picture!  All quite tasty, but I think this selection will become tedious.  Hopefully I’ll have more options soon.
  • I’m smiling showing my teeth way more already.  This could be because it hurts the inside cheek at the moment to smile with mouth closed, but also because I don’t mind so much now as I know I’ll have perfect teeth soon and the brace shows this.
  • Overall it’s OK.  It’s better than I expected.  I thought I’d be in so much pain I’d not want to do anything, too embarrassed to see anyone and wouldn’t be able to eat at all.  I was wrong about all of these and the above issues are easy to deal with in comparison.  Let’s just hope I don’t start craving apples and raw carrots!