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I can’t even eat omelette!

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Oh my goodness.  I’ve just tried to eat what I thought would be an easy lunch of cheese omelette with a drink of banana and strawberry smoothie.  The smoothie went down just fine, but the omelette was so difficult.  Uh oh.  I think I’ve possibly had it quite lucky with my top brace so far and unfortunately now the discomfort and annoyance of braces will really begin!

I’d been pretty much eating most things with just my top brace.  I couldn’t bite into apples, carrots, or anything else really hard, but I could still eat these chopped up.  I’d been eating certain meals (like treat night pizza) with a knife and fork to make it easier and more manageable.  The only thing I really hadn’t been eating which I used to love was wraps and fajitas.  I think the wrap would mush all over the brace and as my top bite has moved forward so far away from my bottom teeth, biting things off with my teeth has been quite tricky.  But, if there’s a knife and fork to hand, I can eat it... or I could until today!

6 month adult brace experience update: bottom train track metal brace and biting blocks fitted

This morning I had my bottom brace fitted.  Exciting!  BUT... I also had biting blocks fitted.  These are causing the issue!

The biting blocks look like blue tac – yep they’re blue.  They are on my top back teeth and are the same (or similar) material to a temporary filling.  At the moment they are sticking out to stop my teeth from biting together.  Eventually they’ll wear down and away.  But for now, the purpose is to stop me biting my teeth together.  This will enable my teeth to move as my top canines are currently getting stuck on my bottom canines meaning they’re not moving any more.  One of the top brackets was also catching on a bottom bracket so it will stop this until my bottom bite is corrected.

So basically I now can’t bite ANY of my teeth together!

I can just bite the weird feeling biting blocks onto one  lower back tooth on each side.   So all I have for chewing at the moment is two weird biting block feeling things on two back teeth.  I attempted eating an omelette just now thinking it would be easy, but it was quite tricky!

It's actually really hard to only chew on one tooth on each side and I kept biting my cheek – ouch!  This is certainly going to take some getting used to and I fear a liquid diet is going to be on the cards for a while.

The exciting thing is my teeth should now move even quicker.

The orthodontist said the good thing about the biting blocks are the teeth are no longer obstructed in any way, so they can get a move on!

Aside from these block things, the fitting went well.  I’m now a fully fledged brace face.  Top and bottom!

The fitting was fine, no more than half hour.  I can feel the new brace spiking against the inside of my mouth, but hopefully my mouth will quickly adjust and give the brace the room it needs.

My top brace only took a week or so of getting used to, so I hope this new bottom brace will be just as quick too.  I have wax on hand for any sores and it’s good to know what to expect this time.

My teeth have been feeling quite itchy since!  It’s a strange sensation and makes me want to bite my teeth really hard together – but I can’t because of the blocks!

There’s no pain though and maybe there won’t be with this bottom brace. With the top brace it hurt when I bit my teeth together, but I can’t currently do this because of the biting blocks, so I won't get the biting together teeth pain.  There's a silver lining to these biting blocks after all.

It could all be a different story in a few days once things have settled, so if there’s anything worth writing about I’ll post another braces blog post. I have another two appointments before the end of this year, so my bottom teeth could really be in position and the gap start to be closed before the year is out!  That’s exciting.

Keep an eye on my braces category on this website to follow my entire adult braces journey as an adult - full on train track metal braces in my thirties!


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