Braces at 30: My 10th appointment getting a temporary false tooth fitted

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Braces at 30_ My 10th appointment getting a temporary false tooth fitted

Check out my new Tic Tac tooth!

Following on from my last appointment (9th tightening experience with false tooth impression taken) which was only at the start of this month, I went back last week to have the false tooth fitted which we took an impression for last time.

If you're new to this series, it's my journey having an adult brace from start to finish on my quest for a lovely adult smile with adult teeth - I still had some baby teeth and no adult lateral incisors!

adult brace journey results after 14 months

This appointment was just a quickie to fit the false tooth as the orthodontist had only recently tightened the wires.  She did change the elastics, so they’re all fresh and a lot tighter.

The false tooth was added to a bracket and fitted to the wire.  It felt a bit loose, so she added an elastic around this tooth and my front teeth to make it more secure.

It’s not a permanent tooth – just something to disguise the huge gap whilst I have the brace.  When the brace is complete I’ll have a proper tooth that actually fits the gap and will cost around £400-£500, so it won’t look this terrible!

This false tooth is an acrylic false tooth that’s pretty much just balancing on the brace.  I can wobble it with my tongue and I can’t stop playing with it!

It’s also the wrong colour!  It’s too white, so it looks like a Tic Tac!!

It’s also too small!  Since the last appointment when we tooth the impression, my front teeth have moved together and my canine along a little more, so this false tooth doesn’t fill the whole gap.  Doh!

Still, I think it looks much better than the huge 6mm gap I had next to my front teeth, so I decided to wear it anyway whilst she gets one made up in a slightly more yellow shade!

I’ll be going back in only two weeks to have the more yellowy one fitted which should hopefully blend in a lot more with my teeth.

I do feel like I can smile a bit more now there’s not as huge a gap.  I look forward to having no gaps soon.

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