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Braces at 30 - Two Weeks Today Until I Get Braces

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Two Weeks Today Until I Get Braces

Oh my.  Oh my.  Oh my.

It’s really happening and it’s suddenly sunk in.  In 11 days I’ll have two baby teeth removed,  which are currently at the top -  3rd back on one side and 4th back on the other (so very noticeable when there are gaps!).  Then two weeks TODAY I’ll have my top brace fitted.

It suddenly hit me that it really is happening and oh gosh, should I change my mind?  What on earth will I look like for 2-3 years?!

But, yes.  I’m definitely going ahead as after the dreaded couple of years I’ll have perfect amazing teeth.  There’s no other way for me to get them, so this is it.  Once the two teeth are removed, that’s it.  I’ll have no choice then, unless I want to walk around with obvious missing teeth forever more.  The three days between their removal and the brace being fitted will be bad enough I’m sure!  Cue – scarf over mouth for preschool runs, avoid eye contact with anyone, get in and out as quickly as possible, hide at home sticking tongue between strange gaps and looking at funny face in mirror!

I think it’s all suddenly dawned on me what I’m about to do as it’s so close now.  The whole process has probably been going on for around nine months or so, since my dentist noticed my baby teeth were wobbly.  Every referral, appointment and consultation since has had around a 6-8 week waiting time, so March 2016 always seemed ages away.  Now it’s here.  Yikes.

I had a dream about my teeth and braces for the very first time the other night.  I dreamt I had my two baby teeth out and instantly my teeth looked better!  It allowed my overlapped and twisted tooth to move into their natural positions instantly.  If only it was this simple!

The only thing I have been thinking about is whether to have anaesthetic when they remove my two baby teeth.  They can’t be that hard to get out as they’re so dinky.  But I think I probably will go for some anaesthetic.  I’m just not sure if the injection in the gum would be as painful as having the teeth out and if so, what’s the point?  I’ll probably ask my dentist what she thinks when she offers it to me.  I’m feeling quite confident about the removal. 

Going to the dentist used to petrify me, especially needles in the mouth, as I had a bad experience as a youngster.  But now, since having two children, it doesn’t scare me at all as nothing can be that painful, right?!  Though, saying that, I’ll have to just wait until I’m in the seat with an injection headed for my mouth and see what I do.  Maybe I’ll suddenly freak out and the fear will return.  I hope not.

I’m ready for this.  I think.



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